Natural Hair Dye – 3 Ways To Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally

What is Natural Hair Dye? What are the best 3 Ways To Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally? If you are looking for signs of ageing, then you should know that nothing accentuates this natural process more than grey hair. So, it comes as no surprise that the hair colouring industry reaps billions of dollars every year and why is it constantly growing. In today’s article, we are going to look at three natural hair dye that is readily available to you. So read the article completely to learn 3 Ways To Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally.

Why Grey Hair comes?

Grey hair is a common problem and even children can experience this problem. The reason for hair loss its natural colour is the loss of melanin. As we age, the pigment cells in the hair follicle gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in the hair follicle, that strand of hair will not contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent colour – such as grey, silver, or white – as it grows. People can have grey hair at any age.

The good news is that there is a wide range of hair care products that can help people mask grey hair. But the truth is, most of them provide short effects and some of them are quite expensive. This is why so many people rely on some completely natural way to get rid of grey hair.

Natural Hair Dye – 3 Ways To Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally

Let’s talk about 3 Natural Hair Dye or in simple words 3 Ways To Banish Your Grey Hair Naturally.

Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally With Henna:

Henna is a compound that has been used for makeup and temporary hand tattoo designs among young girls for centuries. It turns out this product is an excellent natural alternative to commercial hair colouring products. It is completely natural and comes without the hydrogen peroxide that is present in every modern hair colour.

How To Apply Henna On Hair?

Mix two tablespoons of henna and one tablespoon of Shikakai powder with a sufficient amount of water to form a paste. Let this paste sit overnight. In the morning, add one egg and a tablespoon of curd. Apply this mixture everywhere the hair and scalp is. Wait till it dries naturally. It usually takes 40 to 45 minutes to dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water. And that’s it.

This product is semi-permanent and you should know that it takes some time and effort to finish this process.

We must say the results are good, but the truth is that you cannot expect the same results from this natural hair dye as those provided by regular hair dyes. One more thing is that as henna is a natural herb so it is totally safe to use.

Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally Colouring Drink:

Now here’s a natural way to dye hair that might look a little strange to a lot of people, but it actually works. There are many different drinks that can help you dye your hair. For example, have some tea or coffee. If you want to get a dark nuance on your locks, you will find these drinks very effective.

How to dye hair with coffee?

In order to dye your hair with coffee, make a strong cup of dark coffee. Mix about half a cup of coffee with 2 tbsp. Just brew your tea or coffee vigorously and apply it as lye. Apply the mixture to damp hair and wash. Leave the mixture for at least an hour, and wash it off after you are done. Repeat if needed.

There are a lot of people who claim the effects have been amazing. The truth is that these drinks do not contain harmful peroxide and any other harmful ingredients, so your hair will remain healthy.

Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally With Home Remedy:

Here is the third and last natural way to dye your hair I wanted to talk about. This is a simple and easy natural hair dye home remedy that will help you remove grey hair from your head. Make a smooth mixture containing four lemons (unpeeled), 200ml (about 1 cup) of flaxseed oil, half a pound (1 kg) of organic honey, and three cloves of garlic. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator.

O Wait, did I tell you that this remedy is for eating and not to apply it directly to your hair.

Just take one tablespoon of this mixture before a meal twice a day. You may be wondering how this mixture can help you restore your natural hair colour. The truth is, there are many different reasons why our hair can turn grey. Some of these causes are stress, genetics, and disease.

When you consume this mixture you lead to an increase in melanin production in the body. This means that your grey hair will be replaced by naturally coloured hair and your locks will become more vibrant. Of course, grey hair is still alive, but it does not contain any dyes and usually looks curly.

Using this mixture you will reverse this process and achieve it in a completely natural way.

Scientific studies have confirmed that this natural treatment can strengthen hair and above that can enhance your vision as well. It has positive effects on the skin which means that the signs of ageing will be neutralized as well.

This remedy just like above 2 does not cause any side effects. Therefore, use this natural hair dye treatment regularly and enjoy your soft and attractive natural hair colour.


These are the Natural Hair Dye – 3 Ways To Banish Your Grey Hair Naturally I wanted to share in this post. These are the best ways to dye your hair naturally without any side effects whatsoever. There are many other ways as well but these are the one which doesn’t involve any type of artificial dye. And also, these have been practised for ages.

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