Best Ways To Invest Money In Your 20s

So, You saved some money or let’s say won a jackpot and are now thinking about multiplying your money over and over again. But how to do that. how to start my own business? Where to invest my savings to earn a passive residual income? what are the best ways to invest my money? How to get started? Well, don’t panic. I got the answers to each of your questions.

This is going to be a very long article in which, I am going to talk about the best ways to invest money in your 20s. These foolproof investment opportunities are not only long term residual income but also among the best and proven to work investments with very low failure chances. In other words, these are some evergreen niches for you to put your savings or the money in them and get a huge ROI (Return On Investment).

Little Disclaimer:

Below are the 5 investment opportunities for you to invest in your 20s. But before that let me put out a little disclaimer. Everything I am going to talk about in this article is based on the facts and learnings from the real results of currently leading and most successful people in the world. Yet I don’t give any guarantee or claims that you will make any money from all of these 5 types of investment. You can make millions but also can lose millions if you don’t play your cards right.

Ok, enough chit chat. Let get to the point and start with my Best ways to invest money for great chances of Huge ROI.

Here is the list of 5 best ways I am going to talk about in detail:

1. Invest in yourself:
2. Invest in Real Estates:
3. Invest in the Stock Market:
4. Invest in Potential Business Ideas Around:
5. Invest in Private Education Sector:

Best Ways To Invest Money:

1. Invest in Yourself

best way to invest money quick return

Number one in the list of Best investment opportunity is to invest some money in educating yourself. This is the most important investment you can make in your entire life. That’s not a joke at all. Trust me, the finest and the long term investment you should make in your business life is to invest in learning and understanding the business world you are going to be a part of.

The Right Way to Invest in yourself?

As I said this is very important to educate yourself if you want to see yourself among the most successful people. And Its very simple to educate and learn from others.

  • Just go to a book shop or library, take a popular book that contains success stories of successful people and read it.
  • Attend the seminars and webinar that talks about business tactics.
  • Join business forums and communities. Make friend, ask questions and learn from them.
  • Take courses and classes that teach you the business tactics and marketing strategies etc.
  • Get yourself a highly qualified mentor who is already in the field and learn from their experience.

Believe me, This is the only way to start a flawless business.

A Common Mistake:

A common mistake that everybody makes in the start is that we try to invent the wheel on our own. I am saying this because I had been there too and in fact, I’m not proud of that because I wasted so much time doing things on my own, trying and hoping to get good results on my own until I realised that the wheel is already invented. All I need to do is to grab the hand of someone who is already in the business.

The Only Fastest and Shortest Way:

Honestly, Investing money in teaching yourself from others is the only fastest and Shortest safest path to go. I think of myself as a very blessed person who got very good mentors and friends at the time when I needed them. They gave me the mindset and the path that I couldn’t get any other way. And the most important of all is that I didn’t have a fear of failure as I worked for others as well. So I reached my goal so faster than ever.

So, in my opinion, if you are planning to invest money, invest in educating yourself. It is not only the best ways to invest money but also is a long term investment for your entire life.

2. Invest in Real Estates:

best ways to invest money, invest in real estate,

Second, on the list of Best ways to invest money is to invest in Real Estates. More than 50% of the world-known millionaire and billionaire earned their success through this investment opportunity. This is one of the evergreen niches that never dies.

The Right Way to Invest in Real Estates:

Real Estates give you many ways and methods that you can adopt to multiply your investments and generate a passive and long term source of income. Following are some ways you can start your real estates business today.

  • Buy and Sell Houses. This is a nearly Zero Loss investment if done properly.
  • Buy empty places, build shops and rent them. Again nearly zero loss investment opportunity if done properly.
  • Buy plots, build a hostel and affiliate it with some university or college in return for a handsome amount of rent every month. Once again No loss opportunity. (My Favorite)
  • Buy Plots or old houses and convert them to Passenger houses for the travellers.

A Common Mistake:

People often think that if you want to jump into real estates you need to have a lot of money in hands. Otherwise, you are at a huge risk.

Firstly, let me make it clear that there is no risk whatsoever in real estates. Let’s say that you bought a house or plot and your plan is to sell this house or plot but suddenly something happens and the market price of that houses drops to a level that you can’t sell it because of its a huge loss.

Do you think you have lost your money?

Absolutely not. You can do many things with your house until the prices go back on track. For example, you can easily rent that house to some family, offer some small local school. You can find many companies who are in looking for space for a branch office or warehouse in your area.

Secondly, You don’t need a huge amount of money to buy a house. Thanks to the mortgage system introduced by the banks. All you need is a max of 10% to 20% of the actual amount of the house you want to buy.

For Example: You want to buy a $150K house. And all you have is just $15K. Believe me, that’s more than you need. All you have to pay is 3% to 5% of down payments for that $150K house i.e $750+tax. Now you are an owner of that house. A mortgage amount that you will pay every month for a $150K is usually around $800/month. By the way, you will earn way much more than just $800/month from this house with the above methods.

Some millionaires like Kris Krohn live on this type of investments and do this full-time and hence living a fabulous life.

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3. Invest in the Stock Market:

best ways to invest money

If you are planning to start an investment with a low amount then the Stock market is always one of the best options for you to invest your money. And that’s why I am putting the stock market in 3rd position in the list of 5 best ways to invest money. Nowadays it has become very easy to understand the stock market and invest in it since many intelligent tools and software are out there that makes it very easy for you to profit from your investments. Moreover that you can start your investments from as low as $250 to $500 than when you feel confident enough you can leverage your investment very fast.

The Right Way to Invest in stock Marketing:

There are some difficulties you will have to work on after you decide to invest in the stock market. The first step you will have to take is to find a perfect Broker. A Broker is a person who will register your account to the stock market. A Broker is a must. You can’t do stock exchange investment without a broker. Usually, there are broker houses in major cities of a country. but you can just search online for a broker in your area and I am sure you will find a perfect broker for you easily. Every broker has a minimum deposit limit to open an account usually its $250. This deposit is made in your account which you can use to make trades. The broker gets commissions every time you make a trade.

A Common Mistake:

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the stock market all around the world but 2 most common among them are that people think the stock market can ruin your money. it is very difficult to make a good amount of money with a stock exchange. Secondly, People think they will have to pay a registration fee for opening an account with a broker.

Firstly, lets talk about the registration fee for an account with a broker. Well, I don’t know if there are some brokers who charge a registration fee and also, I can’t say that it is illegal to charge money but mostly it is free to register and open an account with brokers and they don’t have any sort of fee whatsoever. They way they get paid is through commissions they make through the trades and transactions you make.

Secondly, You can make a fortune out of the stock market investments but for that, you need knowledge, guidance and proper understanding of the stock market and its ups and downs. There are many online free tools and youtube videos that teach you everything about stocks and makes you a pro.

My Suggestions for You In Getting Started:

Suggestion #1:

There is another very interesting way that you can use to make a quick return on your investment. Find a person who is already in the business and making a good ROI in the stock market. Make a good relationship with him and ask him if he can partner with you. Give him money and let him invest for you as well and in return offer him some percentage of profit you make. In this way he will always make a hugely profitable move for you and you will always make a good ROI.

Suggestion #2:

The second suggestion I have for you is to buy an automated tool or software that can do investments for you when the market is right. Nowadays most of the trade in the stock market is made by the automated software that you can buy on the monthly subscription fee. All you need to do is to put some money in the software account and that’s it. The software starts to work itself and you don’t need to do anything else.

Suggestion #3:

If you want to learn the stock market by yourself then I have a third suggestion for you. Buy yourself a course or get under some mentor and learn from him and his experience. It will cost you less, save you time and will make you more money with huge ROI and understanding.

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4. Invest in Potential Business Ideas Around:

best ways to invest money, Invest in new business ideas, best ways to grow successful

Fourth in line of best ways to invest money is to invest in new and innovative potential business ideas that someone around you want to work on. All you need to do is to approach such ambitious and hard-working entrepreneurs and become their angel investor. Invest in their product or service. Give them money, become their partner and buy shares in their business. Let them do the work and enjoy life.

The Right Way to Invest in Potential Business Ideas:

There is no rocket science in this type of investment opportunity. All you need to do is to find communities and forums on social media that deals with innovation ideas and join them. You can also find some in your colony, town or city etc. But it’s easy to approach online so find them join their discussion forums. These forums will help you a lot in understanding the market and will broaden your thinking. And when you find something invests worthy, start doing research and when you feel that its a perfect product or service, make a contract with that party and now you are a shareholder in that business.

Step by Step Investment Procedure:

  • Find and join the right communities, groups or forums of active and energetic people who have business ideas and need investment to grow their business.
  • Find the Fool-proof Best Potential business Idea for your investments.
  • Do In-depth research on the topic and see if the idea is worth investment.
  • Meet the group or the team executing the Idea and judge their capabilities.
  • Prepare your terms and conditions to secure your investment.
  • If the Idea is worth investment, make a contract. You can involve some bank to enhance the security of your investments.

A Common Mistake:

A huge mistake people who are in search of investment opportunity make is that they invest in binary options or forex that is more complex and have way much more risks and understandings involved but don’t even think about this very secure and fruitful investment.

Another mistake in the start you, as an investor may make is to invest in a group of people who has a very good and high potential idea but the group members don’t have potential to make the idea successful. So before you make an investment you need to do in-depth research. In this way, you can actually multiply your money over and over again in a very short time.

5. Invest in Private Education Sector:

best ways to invest money in india

Last but not least, the 5th among the best ways to invest money is to invest in the Private schooling system or college. This is one of the evergreen niches and can give you a huge return on investments. Another Benefit of this investment is that it is a long term investment opportunity and you make a good return on your investment every month.

The Best Way To Invest In Education Sector:

The right way to invest in school systems and colleges is to make a list of all private schools in your area, visit them one by one and ask if they need investments for their existing educational projects\schools or want to open a new branch in some area and need investment for that. Mostly in the private sector, these schooling systems are looking for investments to expand their business. So you will most likely get some offer from them.

4 Major Investment Opportunities With Schools:

You can invest in:

  • The new branch building that a school wants to open and need investment.
  • The expansion of the current branch.
  • The uniform and books offered by the school to students.
  • The school transport for students.

A Common Mistake:

A common mistake people make is that instead of investing in already running schools they start their own school and work day and night to make it a popular school in the surrounding area. I’m not saying that this is a bad way to do business. The point is when you can make a lot more profit by investing in already running and working schools then why you put yourself in too much risk. Just go and talk to the school owners, let them do the hard work and enjoy passive profit every month.

So, these are the 5 best ways to invest your money where your money is safe and you can make a guaranteed ROI from your investments in a very short interval of time.

Thanks for reading this article on our website. Let me know in the comment section about what you think about these 5 best ways to invest money. Suggest me If you want me to write an article for some topic for you. I will love to hear that.

Engr. Raja Abu Bakar

Hi, Thank You for spending your time and reading my article, Please share with your friends and family and if you have any query just write in the comment section and I will love to answer in person.

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