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8 Yoga Poses To Relieve Lower Back Pain: Movement and flexibility are important for the entire body. Many people nowadays spend a lot of time sitting at their desks and sitting for long periods of time every day can constrict their hips and impede movement. In this article, we will talk about 8 Yoga Poses To Relieve Lower Back Pain. These yoga poses will help you maintaining flexibility in a specific body part – “the hips.”

A tight hip can cause various problems, including:

Welcome to A2Z Awareness. Poor balance and posture – the front of the hips, the hip joint, is a major stabilizing factor for the pelvis. Therefore, if the hip muscles are weakened, this can lead to imbalance and weakness of the body.

Muscle imbalances – long periods of sitting shorten and tighten the thigh muscles. In a seated position, the buttock muscles are excessively stretched and the hip extended, but they are also weakened because not all muscle groups are used.

Back pain – tight hip muscles and overactive muscles will force the pelvis to push forward, tilt abnormally, and thus tighten the lower back muscles.

If you spend most of your time sitting, you can benefit greatly from doing these stretches. They will improve hip mobility and increase your strength. Moreover, it will increase the flexibility of the hips.

8 Yoga Poses To Relieve Lower Back Pain:

Here are 8 Yoga Poses To Relieve lower Back Pain:

Low Dash:

In runner lunge position, place the right foot forward, while hands should be placed on either side. Then lower the back knee and leg to the floor, and raise the chest and arms, while the hands remain in the front of the thigh.

The abdominal muscles must be constantly working. For an enhanced effect, reach the upper arms, leaning slightly forward. Make sure you do not arch your lower back. Hold for 3 and a half minutes and repeat on the other side.

Crescent Eruption:

In the same starting position, lift the knee, then slowly lift the hands off the mat, but initially bring them to the front thigh. The hips can be allowed to lower while the hips are squared to the front of the rug. Raise the arms over the head and extend the back leg. Continue to plunge and square the hips and continue for half a minute on both sides.

The Status Of The Happy Child:

In a supine position, pull the knees towards the chest. The hands should be on the arches of the feet and the knees should be wider than shoulder-width apart. The back should be pressed into the mat, and the feet should advance the hands while the feet are pulled down. Inhale and exhale deeply and hold for half a minute.

The Frog Pose:

You should start on all fours, with hands under the shoulders and knees on the mat. Then, slowly extend the knees, and ankles in the same direction. Calves and feet remain on the ground at all times. Wait half a minute.

Thread Needle Pose:

In a lying position, bend the knees and keep feet flat on the floor. Cross the right ankle over the other, but the hips should remain on the floor, while the lower back is pressed into the carpet.

Next, pull the left knee toward the chest, thus inserting the right hand between the legs. The crossed hands should be below the left knee, while the right hand should be open for hip extension. Breathe deeply and stay like this for half a minute.

Butterfly Mode:

In a standing position, with the knees slightly bent, hands on both sides of the soles together and the knees open to the sides. To extend deeper, pull feet close or fold forward and walk your hands in front of you. Stay in this position for half a minute.

Exercise Half Pigeon Position:

Start the runner’s right foot in front, hands on either side of the rug. Move the front foot toward the left hand, and lower the knee to the right hand. You should then place the right calf on the ground parallel to the front of the carpet.

Then, lower the back knee gradually and bring it to the ground. Then attach your hips to the front of the rug. To get a deeper stretch, drop down to the forearms. Wait for half a minute and repeat on the other side. In the event that you feel pain or discomfort while doing this stretch, you should only do the needle thread.

The Double Pigeon Position:

Sit on the mat with legs crossed, hold the left ankle with both hands and try to place it on the top of the right knee. At this point, the stems should be stacked with the left leg on top. For a more intense stretch, walk your hands slightly forward, and stay that way for half a minute. Then do the same on the other side.

Stretching yoga poses can greatly improve the flexibility of the hips and support their health, and the hips and legs will be much stronger.

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