Coronavirus Outbreak | Why Are We Afraid Of Coronavirus?

The Corona epidemic has swept the whole world and is still out of control. At the same time, we have people and societies that say there is no cause for concern. For example, these enthusiasts give detailed numbers and say how many people die from malaria each year. They talk about the number of dengue deaths every year, how many people are losing their lives due to starvation, and the number of deaths in traffic accidents. The purpose of all this data is to tell people what Corona is selling poorly against these problems. , We have a lot of experience with such problems.

Such things seem reasonable, and people think these enthusiasts say the truth. But the reality is that Corona has killed thousands upon thousands of people around the world and the number is increasing rapidly. Yet inspired by these words, our slogan gained popularity,

“Do not be afraid of Corona, you have to fight.”

I say,

Brother, why don’t you be afraid? When it’s scary, you should be afraid.

Raja Abu Bakar

Why Should We Be Afraid Of It? Let Me Explain:

Whenever a new virus is reported, health professionals try to discover two things. The first is a virus growth rate called reproductive rate in simple English and R-Naught in technical language. This means how quickly the virus will spread, and how many people can be affected if one person adheres to it.

Secondly, it is known how much is the incubation period of the virus, i.e. how long will the symptoms of the disease begin to appear after reaching a human?

No matter how dangerous disease may be, it can be easily overcome if it cannot be easily transmitted from one person to another, or if its rate of transmission is low. For example, despite AIDS being unhealthy, there is no chance of this disease being transmitted by hugging or eating with anyone. Now come to the point of disillusionment that even the seasonal flu can pass from one person to another, so why is Corona so terrified?

Here’s Why

When the “Polio” vaccine was not invented, its reproductive rate was 4-6. The “Smallpox” was also an undiagnosed disease and when it engulfed the world, its prevalence rate was 3. The “Plague” that swallowed half the world was “RN” 1.4. Similarly “Seasonal cold”, which is by no means deadly, has “RN” 1. While Corona’s “RN” is 2.2. Similarly, when it comes to the incubation period, the symptoms of seasonal colds begin to appear in 3 days.

As far as Coronavirus is concerned, the symptoms appear in 5-6 days but for some people, it takes up to 14 days and in many people, symptoms never appear and eventually they die.

This is the thing which makes corona fearful and most dangerous virus on the face of the earth in today’s world.

When you become aware of an invasion of any disease, you not only become aware of yourself, but others also take cautious behaviour. But if you do not know who has been infected with Corona, then the rate of transmission of the virus increases several times.

Coronavirus symptoms:

Another fearful fact about coronavirus is that if you are attacked by Corona, you do not feel it, you do not make any appointment to doctors and get your tests because you do not feel that you have any symptoms. Now it is also possible that you have a very strong immune system and the attack was repelled, you were healed, but you have no idea how many people you have transmitted the infection. And also, they might not have a good immune system like you, so they become seriously ill and some of them might lose their lives.

The Coronavirus can survive for a few hours to 3 days at any surface whether it is your body parts or the things you touch or sleep on. How long it can survive depends on several factors, including temperature. Experts say that corona can hang in the air for up to 3 hours in some cases and on copper can last up to 4 hours, up to 24 hours on cardboard while plastic and stainless steel its life span can be up to 72 hours. This means that everything that comes into your house inside or that you touch on the outside of the house can transmit the coronavirus.

Now, this discussion comes to a very important question. i.e.

Should We Not Bring Vegetables, Pulses, And Milk From The Market To Our Home?

When Vegetables, Pulses and Milk are cooked, the germs contained in the energy die, but the bags in which they are brought in can carry the Coronavirus, so it is important to dispose of the bag, wash your hands with soap after that.

According to a research conducted to study human behaviour, we touch our face, nose, and eyes anywhere between 2 to 3,000 times a day. So It is important to be intimidated by Coronavirus because Coronavirus can be invading at any time, in the face of opportunity.

So yes, we need to be afraid of Coronavirus since history tells us that diseases such as cholera, smallpox, malaria, and even typhoid fever have caused devastation. Plague, also known as the “Black Death”, has destroyed many cities in the 13th century.

We should be afraid and conscious of Coronavirus because we’ve read and heard about epidemics but this is the first epidemic we see.

Engr. Raja Abu Bakar

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