Importance of Gender Equality | Real Facts and Examples from Society

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This article is all about the Importance of Gender Equality and mainly covers the following topics:

1. What is Gender Equality?

2. Importance of Gender Equality.
3. Women Empowerment Vs Men Empowerment. (Past vs Present Comparison)
4. Transgender Rights. (Real and Harsh Facts)
5. Misuse of Gender Equality Campaigns in society with Real-Life Examples

What is Gender Equality?

Before we talk about the importance of gender equality it is necessary to understand what is meant by gender equality. The definition of Gender Equality in a short line is equality among all types of gender in society in terms of each gender rights. It means that every citizen of any country or society must be given equal rights for survival in society.

There are 3 types of genders i.e Men, Women, and the one type is a mixture of these two called Shemales or transgenders. Usually, when we talk about the importance of gender equality or its definition, we mostly talk about women empowerment and/or rarely about men. But the fact is that the gender equality definition should first include transgenders before talking about other genders because this is the most affected gender in this regard. We will talk about the rights of shemale gender in detail later in this article. Right now we just discussed what is the definition of gender equality and the real meanings of gender equality.

Importance of Gender Equality:

Time to time different communities and NGOs throughout the world debated and worked a lot on the importance of gender equality in society. They get a lot of donations and respect from people globally in appreciations. Also, in almost every country, many steps on the government level have been taken on the importance of Gender Equality.

It is very important to raise awareness about gender equality in any society. In fact, it is the most fundamental part of any society. It is necessary to give equal rights to all genders in society so that they can live happily and love to contribute to the development of that society. Giving equal rights to everyone is directly related to the development and enhancement of a country.

Benefits of Gender Equality:

There are many benefits of gender equality in society. Some are:

  • Eliminating discrimination from the society always produce justice for all which leads to tolerance for each other.
  • Giving equal rights to every citizen means dividing the burden of economic development of the country among all citizens equally.
  • With the power of gender equality, a society can utilize the skillsets of each citizen in the development race.
  • Gender Equality in a society is directly related to the poverty rate. Higher gender equality lowers the poverty rate in society.

Men Vs Women Empowerment in the Society:

Back in time, Women were treated very bad in the world. Men were the ruling human being.

  • Women were buried alive at the time of birth.
  • They were considered a burden on parents.
  • Girls were not given proper school education.
  • They were not even given proper rights to live in society.

But now with the power of women empowerment movements and Different NGOs talking about women rights etc. have changed the social mindset. Women have shown that they are equally important and should be given their rights so that they can be beneficial to society. These empowerment movements enabled women to get a very strong position in society and now, women hold equal in terms of social rights to perform and contribute in almost every field around the globe.

Women Rights in the Society:

Now it’s time to discuss what are actually the rights of women in society. Women and Men are two different human beings. Some things can be done better by women than men in society and similarly, there are some things that a man can do better than a woman. So both are an important part of society. And it’s important to empower men and women both by giving them respective rights to perform their duties the better way. Besides, there are many common rights among male and female that society should always provide them.

Below are the 2 most important rights that women must be given equally to men:

  • Education Right: A woman acts as a mother, a sister, and as a wife in the society so her duties require her to be a well-educated woman so that she can become a better daughter, mother, sister, and a better wife. So Women must be given an equal right to get an education as men do.
  • Employment Right: It is very important to give employment right to women so that they can earn their living easily and can help their family. In Past, there were near to zero employment places in almost every field for women. But now because of different women empowerment campaigns, every field have almost equal employment places and opportunities for females.

Transgender Rights:

This is the most neglected part of gender equality. Transgender or Shemale is the 3rd type of gender in human beings but they are never given any right in society. In Asia, Condition is worse than the rest of the world. In a Province of Pakistan “Khyber Pakhtoon Kha” alone, more than 63 transgender community members were killed and more than 1440 incidents have taken place in previous 4 years.

Why would someone treat us with respect when even our own Parents don’t

Farzana: President of Shemale Association Khyber-PakhtunKhwa

Shemales are that gender in the society which is not accepted even by their parents. Most people throw them in the garbage when they are born. So they are mostly homeless and uneducated people in the society. And so they eventually become a burden to other citizens of society because they can’t contribute to society’s development. Which means other citizens not only have to play their part in society but they will be working more to produce food and other necessities for this gender as well.

Women empowerment campaigns changed the social mindset about women and they are now a contributing part of society. I believe shemales or transgenders will get their rights soon with the efforts of Shemale associations working worldwide.

Rights of Transgenders:

Being human, transgenders/shemales should have equal rights as men and women have in society. But unfortunately, they are not given even the right to live in a society. Following are some basic rights that a transgender must be given in any society.

  • Right to live with Families: This is a common-sense right for all human beings to live with their families but as I said before Transgenders are not even given this right. So, First and foremost they must be given this right to live with their family and if someone tries to kill them or leave them in the garbage, then there should be some legal procedure to punish those parents or people.
  • Right of Education: Transgenders should be given equal right of education to other two genders in the society.
  • Right of social Participation: As males and females participate in the development of any society, transgenders should also have the right to work and make their mark in society. e.g. educated transgenders should be given an opportunity to do business, teaching, politics and jobs etc. as male and female do.

If a Transgender is given just these three rights in society, I think that is enough for them to live like a normal person in the entire world.

Misuse of Gender Equality Campaigns:

There are a lot of important aspects of gender equality campaigns in any society but there are some people who misuse these campaigns for there benefits which actually spoils the beauty of these powerful movements that actually have the power of changing the lives of every person in the society. Some of these misuses of gender Equality campaigns are below.

  • Rebellion against culture: Sometimes some people who don’t like the culture of the country they live in they use these types of campaigns to spoil the cultural values so that they can do whatever they want.
  • Feminism Promotion: Mostly Feminist community use these campaigns to get power in their hands to promote their stuff.
  • Attacking religious Beliefs and Acts: Religion is always attacked by anti-religious people and communities using such campaigns. They mislead people by saying that religion never supports gender equality etc. and spoil the religious spirit.
  • Disrespecting another gender: Sometimes Gender Equality is used to suppress another gender. Mostly women empowerment communities use such ways so that they can use it to earn donations etc.
  • Just for fundraising NGOs: Many NGOs Just work on these type of campaigns to get funds and donations so that they can make a lot of money by emotionally blackmailing people with gender equality campaigns

There are many legal laws that define and protect the importance of gender equality in society. But even then gender equality is the main issue in many countries around the globe. We always work hard to change the social mindset and must try our best to provide justice and equality to other genders. This is the only way to live a happy life.

That’s pretty much it. I think I have written everything I wanted to write about gender equality awareness. If you think I have missed some important points or you want me to add some more into it, just comment below and I will love to add it.

Engr. Raja Abu Bakar

Hi, Thank You for spending your time and reading my article, Please share with your friends and family and if you have any query just write in the comment section and I will love to answer in person.

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