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The World is evolving every day. Scientists, Physicians, Doctors, Engineers and other field specialists do experiments every day trying to invent new things or innovate previously invented things. Working their hard to give society a better way of living. A way that is technologically more advanced and has fewer deficiencies. From the start, the human had been very creative and hard working. He always tried to solve his problems by inventing and innovating things. Thinking big, working hard, and passionately for solving problems led human to invent things that took human beings to an unstoppable level of thinking. Here in this article, I have brought you top 10 Inventions from the list of those inventions that actually changed the world.

Thinker and innovators work every day on something new or on a previously invented thing to innovate and improve its efficiency in any way possible to get the solutions to the very problem. Below are 10 simple but very important inventions that changed the world by started an era of scientific development and innovations.

Top 10 Inventions That Changed The World

1. Wheel:

First in the list of 10 Inventions that changed the world is “Wheel”. This is one those small and simple inventions that literally took the world to the next level.

The wheel was invented almost more than 6000 years ago. More than the wheel itself, the sheer genius of this invention lies in the concept of the wheel axle system. For something which might not be very technologically advanced, the wheel is definitely one of humanity’s most amazing inventions. It is still changing the way we live our lives. Obviously, the wheel is utilized for transportation, it is also indirectly enhanced man’s chances of survival by a great amount. The wheel made it easier for our nomadic ancestors to escape uninhabitable conditions like famine thus ensuring our existence.

2. Compass:

Next, in the top 10 simple inventions that changed the world is an invention that actually gave the path toward the modern navigations system in a proper way.

compass ancient china. Ancient chinese compass. First Compass ever made. Chinese First Compass

Prior to the invention of the compass, humans relied completely on the stars for direction. Nevertheless, the spontaneity of nature deems this practice unreliable at best, especially to use every day. The Chinese had been utilizing the compass since the 4th century BC, but they actually used it for divinatory purposes. The First time it had been used for navigation from the 10th century AD. Lodestone was and still is the magnet utilized in compasses. It is derived from the mineral magnetite and has a permanent alignment to the earth’s magnetic ends. Only two minerals in nature exist as naturally magnetized, the other is pyrrhotite however weaker in comparison.

3. Printing Press:

In my opinion Printing Press is the third famous invention that changed the world.

History of Printing Press. first printing press invented. Famous Invention that changed the world

Bi Sheng was the first scientist who invented the first mobile type printer in China. Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized it by finding a way to cast the type, it’s based on matrices permanents who helped cast the letters. This distinctive system allowed for increased precision in printing. It helped to save huge amounts of time there were approximately 290 different letterboxes in the boxes that helped make the different characters, punctuation marks etc. Another distinctive feature in his design was the use of oil-based ink instead of water, oil sealing on paper better. Since written documenters were easier and cheaper to obtain after the creation of the printing press, the opportunity for education through reading spread rapidly through Europe.

This was an especial instrument for lower classes as activities like reading reserved for the elites of the society because of the expenses of books. The first book printed on the Gutenberg Press was the Holy Bible. Obviously, we should give some credits to the invention of paper as well, without it, we’d still be publishing on metal or stone tablets.

4. Penicillin:

Who never heard about penicillin? This is one of the most famous in the history of discoveries.

penicillin history. history of penicillin. Great invention that changed the world

Till the discovery of Penicillin, people suffered death through regular accidents or diseases like cuts, fevers, and bacterial infections. A Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming Penicillin discovered in 1928. Flemming developed his idea from the concept of using a mould to kill bacteria that have been utilized for ages.

5. Telephone:

Next in the list of top 10 inventions that changed the world is Telephone.

history of the telephone. first Telephone invented. electrical invention that changed the world

Alexander Graham Bell was the first scientist person who invented the Telephone in 1876. There is no doubt that this invention actually changed the concept of distance. Even if you are in any corner of this world and want to contact to a person in another part of the world, you can do that easily with a small device called telephone or its modern forms that are mobile etc. Alexander was given a noble prize for this extremely important and useful invention. The Telephone became very famous very soon due to its usage benefits. Alexander named his first made telephone as an “electrical speech machine”.

6. Light Bulb:

Next in the list is of course Light Bulb. This is an invention that has completely transformed the lives of human beings. Nowadays, we can’t even think about the possibility of life without the light bulb.

first light bulb. light bulb inventor. light bulb thomas edison. first Light Bulb invented

Today, Almost every second electrical thing in this world uses some kind of a light bulb in it. The Light bulb enabled us to make proper use of our days and nights. And the credit goes to one man i.e. Thomas Edison. He was the first scientist who made a light bulb in 1879. This invention changed the entire world. The light bulb impacted everything like sleeping time to working time. This simple but very useful device has actually become a part of our life.

7. Steam Engine:

The seventh in the list of top 10 inventions that changed the world is Steam Engine. This was one invention that gave a clear idea of future vehicles and travelling on machines at that time.

steam engine diagram. steam engine inventor. first Steam Engine invented. technological inventions that changed the world

It is being said that the first version of the steam engine was invented in the 3rd century. After that, it was properly built in the 19th century to work according to development. James Watt was the scientist who invented this useful machine which later on took the world by its usefulness. This invention actually led to other many useful inventions like vehicles and even aeroplanes and etc.

8. Computer:

The computer is 8th in our list of top inventions that changed the world.

history of computer system. history of computer. first Computer invented. list of inventions that changed the world

Invented by Charles Babbage, Computer took the entire world by both hands and today it is being used in every single thing we use in our daily life. The first computer was just a counting machine. Babbage called it as ABACAS. With the passage of time, newly developed versions with more functionalities were being introduced. Today it has reached a point where you can control the entire world around you with a small machine in your lap.

9. Television:

Television is 9th in our list of top 10 technological inventions that changed the world.

television history. television inventor. History of Television. first Television invented. top inventions that changed the world

Vladimir Kosma Zworykin and Philo Farnsworth were the two scientists who invented Television. It was also the invention that actually helped human beings to become a better human and is still help them grooming themselves. Television forced people to get out of their pathetic mindsets. It allowed them to compare themselves with each other to understand the boundaries and possibilities they have in their lives.

10. World Wide Web:

Last but not least in the list of 10 top inventions is the World Wide Web or www in short.

internet and the world wide web. www history. history of www. history of world wide web. Top 10 Inventions that changed the world

The concept of www was first introduced by “Arthur Clarke”. His passion and knowledge about the space and getting knowledge from the space led him to think that one day he or someone like him will be able to connect to the universe through some sort of device/satellite that will give us the information about the outer world. He thought if we combine the features of Telephone, Television, Photocopier and computer that will enable us to get information about the universe without travelling. Eventually, this concept became reality and now WWW or World Wide Web became the most common term all around the world. Even a person who doesn’t know anything about www knows that this is something about the internet.

So these are 10 top inventions that changed the world and took human beings to another level where they can actually depend on machines to work for them and ease their problems.

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