What Happens When You Skip Breakfast? | 5 Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast Every Day

Many people on a weight loss diet, skip their breakfast just because they think that it will help them losing weight. Research Article published by a Ph.D. author Heather J. Leidy in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine says that Eating Breakfast daily Combats Obesity and Diabetes in Young People. He wrote a complete research article defending his statement. And in today’s article, I will give you 10 research-based benefits of eating breakfast every day. I bet after reading this article completely, you will never skip your breakfast ever.

What is mean by breakfast?

As the name suggests, breakfast means breaking the fast. Morning meal is called breakfast because you are hungry all night and your stomach is completely empty, and And your body needs energy so that it can start its day well. That’s why doctors and nutritionists always say that your breakfast should be full of protein.

What protein do to your body?

Protein is one of the most important molecules in the human body which is responsible for all kinds of jobs in the body. Its responsibilities include digestion, aiding red blood cells in the supply of oxygen throughout the body, and repairing the wound tissues of the body. Protein is also responsible for the growth and nourishment of hairs, nails, bones, and even the skin of the body.

Should I eat breakfast or skip to lose weight?

Skipping breakfast is in my definition the biggest mistake you can make if you are trying to lose weight. Your body gets into a defense mode when you cut too many calories from your meals. It adapts metabolism dips and you will not eat, yet you will not lose weight.

What happens when you skip breakfast?

Skipping breakfast does not help you in your weight loss journey. Multiple studies have shown that skipping breakfast can cause metabolism dips that can be a direct cause of weight gain, decreasing the body’s energy level causing headaches, migraines, and weak eyesight. It also makes your immune system a playground for multiple small and big diseases.

Eating a healthy breakfast has a lot of health benefits. It is important to eat a healthy breakfast regularly in you want to have a healthy life.

5 Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast Every Day:

What Happens If You Skip Breakfast Every Day?

Here is a list of what happens if you skip breakfast every day:

  1. Activates Metabolism Dips mode in your body due to which your body will start to gain weight instead of losing it even though you are not eating anything.
  2. The energy you use in your everyday routine is gained from the food you eat. When you don’t eat breakfast, your body starts to absorb the energy from your muscles, making them weaker which can directly affect your eyesight and brain functionality.
  3. When you skip breakfast, the body releases a hormone called hypoglycemia which is the main cause of migraine.
  4. Usually, breakfast contains all those ingredients which are rich in protein, protein is not only beneficial for body growth but also is very important for hair growth. So skipping breakfast means you are not only restricting your body from the protein but also you are taking protein away from hairs which instantly causes hair fall.
  5. Eating food in the morning means you are strengthening your immune system. A strong immune system means you are creating a huge defense against deadly diseases like stomach cancer. So what happens when you skip your breakfast every day is that you are allowing diseases to attack your weak body.

Case Study On Skipping The Breakfast Every day:

According to a case study cited in the Science Direct Journal, An experiment was conducted on the effects of skipping breakfast on subsequent energy intake. Examiners took 2 groups for the case study. One group contained participants who were skipping their breakfast every day and the other was very punctual with their breakfast routine.

At the end of study, examiners observed three things:

  1. Eating breakfast didn’t help reduce the amount of food eaten in lunch.
  2. Skipping breakfast increased the food intake amount at lunch.
  3. Skipping breakfast reduced the daily energy level in the participants significantly.

So by these two conclusions, you can see that skipping breakfast is totally an unhealthy activity. And as talked about above, if you are doing it for the sake of losing weight then you might be risking your health and will eventually increase your weight.

What are the Side Effects Of Skipping Healthy Breakfast Every Day?

Research has been conducted from time to time on the risks of skipping breakfast and the benefits of breakfast, and conclusions indicate that breakfast is the most important thing if you want to live a healthy life.

Here are the top 5 side effects of skipping healthy breakfast every day:

  1. Skip a healthy breakfast and gain weight.
  2. Skipping a healthy breakfast weakens brain health.
  3. Skipping a healthy breakfast can cause you diabetes.
  4. Skipping a healthy breakfast can lead you to heart problems.
  5. Skipping a healthy breakfast is the number 1 reason of stomach problems.

Now Let’s Discuss each of the side effect of skipping a healthy breakfast in detail.

5 Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast Every Day In Detail:

1. Does Skipping Breakfast Help Lose Belly Fat?

One of the biggest side effect of skipping healthy breakfast every day is that it causes obesity. Latest.

Now you might be wondering how skipping breakfast makes you gain weight?

What Happens When You Skip Breakfast?, Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast, Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast Every Day

A meta analysis have shown that in america obesity is directly associated with skipping breakfast. Studies have shown that the optimal gap between your meals should be 10 hours. If you keep it that way, you will never come closer to obesity whatsoever. Skipping breakfast increases hunger in your body and when you sit for your lunch, you tend to eat more. Even if you don’t eat more, your stomach will release enzymes that will indirectly cause obesity.

So try to eat optimal meals instead of skipping meals. But it is very important to keep food weight loss friendly when you eat. So here are our 5 picked top high carb foods to lose weight.

2. How does skipping breakfast affect your brain?

Another big side effect of skipping a healthy breakfast every day is that it affects your memory and brain processing speed, making you lazy all the time. Skipping Breakfasts deteriorate your mood and concentration. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is very important for everyone from children to teen to aged people. If you skip a protein-rich breakfast every day, it will lower your blood and sugar levels which causes brain stress. Which leads to a lack of concentration and short-term memory loss throughout the day.

I remember when I was a kid in school and there were many kids who used to skip breakfast. Sometimes they fainted in class because of their lack of energy and were always sleeping at their desks. These kids never did well on their exams. Whereas those who used to eat breakfast regularly were always energetic, outperforming them in every test and even in sports.

Can skipping breakfast really make you Dull?

One word answer is “Yes”. There is no doubt about it. in the support of this answer, I have given you a perfect example above from our childhood. skipping breakfast is just like a low battery cell phone which would die and will not be able to do any task for you if you don’t charge it. Even though the phone technically is not damaged and looks beautiful yet it is worthless without battery power. Similarly, if you don’t eat breakfast, you are trying to survive on a reserve battery which can obviously make you dull and you will feel sleepy for the whole day, and will never be able to give your 100% to anything you do.

What breakfast foods make you smarter?

Skipping breakfast is not an option. You should eat some food that can boost your brain making you active and fully optimized. Watch this video we recently uploaded on our youtube channel Keto Health 101 about “9 brain foods for your brain health”.

3. Is it OK for diabetics to skip breakfast?

According to the article published in the Journal of Epidemiology, skipping breakfast is the number one reason for type 2 diabetes. A study was conducted with 4,431 participants aged 35 to 66 years in 2002 through 2011 to develop T2DM. Each of the participants was asked whether or not they were eating breakfast. It was concluded after the study that those who do not eat breakfast have a bad level of sugar in the blood, which is an indication of the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

Do you know some people who skip their breakfast regularly?

If you look into their monthly health report, there is a 95% chance that they all are suffering from diabetes type 2. What if I told you that eating a good and healthy breakfast every day actually protects you from many diseases, especially type 2 diabetes. According to physicians, breakfast is a must for a person having type 2 diabetes.

What Happens When You Skip Breakfast?, Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast, Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast Every Day

How does skipping breakfast cause diabetes?

Eating a healthy breakfast with a low glycemic index keeps blood and sugar levels at a normal pace throughout your day. According to a randomized crossover study presented by Kahleova, H., Belinova, L., Malinska, H. et al. in 2014, it was argued that if you eat two meals a day comprising of a breakfast and a super is better than a six meals routine which doesn’t have breakfast in it.

According to a study presented in the journal of Cambridge Core stated that skipping breakfast even for one time can cause insulin resistance till the next meal you eat. Insulin resistance reduces the ability of body cells to use blood sugar to generate energy. This causes the risk of type two diabetes.

What should a diabetic eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is a must for diabetics even its a very small meal. Watch the video to get the idea of what you need to eat for breakfast in order to keep yourself away from diabetes:

4. Does skipping breakfast cause heart disease?

What Happens When You Skip Breakfast?, Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast, Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast Every Day

This might sound strange but that’s true. Another side effect of skipping a healthy breakfast is that it can decrease your heart age. A recent heart-related study that included 4,000 middle-aged adults in Madrid showed that if you continue to skip your breakfast your chances of becoming a heart patient increases by 3 times.

Some participants in the above study were given a low energy breakfast and rest with no breakfast. At the end of this study, the resulting analysis showed that the participants with no breakfast were at 2.6 times more heart disease risk than the high energy breakfast consumers.

5. Can skipping breakfast every day cause stomach pain?

The last side effect of skipping a Healthy breakfast every day that I am going to discuss in this article is that it can cause stomach pain and stomach disorder. If you often fall into stomach problems, you need to make sure that your breakfast is proper. I’m not saying that skipping breakfast will always cause you stomach problems but there are 50% chances that your stomach problems are due to the skipping of your breakfast.

Anyways, I want to put a little disclaimer here.

This is just an informative article. I talk and tell you results from research performed over time on the topic. If you think you have any health issues mentioned above, it doesn’t mean that your problem is because of skipping breakfast, there can be 10 different reasons for that and I don’t know that. So please go to the doctor first and get proper treatment. Read Our Disclaimer here for details.

And That’s it for this post. In this article, I tried to give you an idea that What Happens When You Skip Breakfast? | 5 Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast Every Day.

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