Who Was Saint Valentine? | When Is Valentine’s Day? | What Is The History Of Valentine’s Day?

Who Was Saint Valentine, When Is Valentine's Day, What Is The History Of Valentine's Day

If you are a romantic person and wondering when is valentine’s day, one of the most awaited days in the year. Or you are a person curious about this day and have many questions about it. I’m glad you are here. Because you are going to get the answers for your all questions. In this article, I am going to tell you everything about valentine’s day like

—>Who was Saint Valentine?
—>What is the history of Valentine’s Day?
—>What is Valentine’s Day?
—>When is valentine’s day?

—>Unique and Lovely gifts Ideas for your Valentine.
—>A different historical Perspective of this Day. 

Read this article completely to get answers of each of these questions.

Who was St. Valentine?

I always had a question in my mind that What is the History of Valentine’s Day? if you are thinking the same then let me let you that the history of Valentine’s Day is not clear but it is said that in the third century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Claudius II Gothicus. His nickname was Claudius the cruel because of his harsh leadership, and his tendency for getting into frequent wars. One day he realized that young men were not enlisting in the army as they wanted to live a peaceful life with wife and kids. The emperor decided to ban any further marriages to happen in his kingdom.

Who Was Saint Valentine. When Is Valentines Day, What Is The History Of Valentines Day. st Valentine

At that time, There was a Christian Saint whose name was Valentine. He thought that this was not fair with love birds. So he decided to help them by getting them married secretly. But this secret couldn’t remain hidden. When Emperor Claudius II found out that the people are still getting married after his order of not getting married and A Christian saint named Valentine is helping them in doing so plus he is also trying to convert people to Christianity. So he took the saint to jail and then ordered to kill him.

So the Day of love is celebrated every year around the globe in the memory of Saint Valentine. He is considered a saint of love and a pious Christians priest who died in a way of providing justice to love birds.

When is Valentine’s Day? And How It Is Getting Changed Day By Day:

If you didn’t know already, when is Valentine’s Day then let me begin by telling you that this day is celebrated on 14 February of each year. At first, It was taken as the day for couples to express their love to each other. But then with the passage of time, this day became a day when you express love to your loved ones. such as your spouse, your friend, brother/sister, father, mother, teacher or anyone who is important to you.

>>>> Here are some gift Idea for your Valentine<<<<

BUT Story doesn’t End’s Here:

Who Was Lupercus. What is Lupercalia. When Is Valentine Day. What Is The History Of Valentines Day

Like I said before, the history of Valentine’s day is not clear. There are many historians and researchers who say different things about st Valentine and the history behind Valentine Day. Some say that this day is more than just St.Valentine. It is a Christian version of an ancient Festival Lupercalia. Pre-Roman used to celebrate Lupercalia on February 15 to save themselves from the evil spirit and in the honour of their god of Fertility Lupercus.

On this Festival those people used to sacrifice goats and then cut the skin of those goats into thin strips and used it to hit any woman present there. The rule was that the man who hit and the woman who receives the hit will have sex and produce a child. Priests of that time used to arrange everything in that festival.

Watch this video to understand what is the history of Valentine’s Day and how it is related to the Lupercalia festival.

Bottom Line: What is Valentine’s Day:

Bottom line is that if you ask my opinion on the 14 Feb day, I would say, it doesn’t matter what is the history of valentine’s day. I mean the valentine’s day of today is totally different from the past even if it was originated from Lupercalia Festival. For me, it is a day for you to express your love to the loved ones and tell them how precious are they for you. That is something which spreads peace and tolerance in the society.

Who Was Saint Valentine. When Is Valentines Day, What Is The History Of Valentines Day

If you don’t want to call it Valentine Day, call it something else. But don’t stop celebrating it. That’s a message from my side. 

Keep Spreading Love because Love is Life.

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Peace and Happy Valentine’s Day. šŸ™‚

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